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Stephen Nash photograph

Appearances with Wokingham Choral Society:

Stephen Nash joined Wokingham Choral Society at All Saints' Church, Wokingham on 22 June 2002 performing the cello solo in Rutter's Requiem

June 2002.

Stephen Nash       Cello

Stephen Nash started to play the cello when he was nine years old. At that time the cello was somewhat the larger than he was - something he has not been allowed to forget! Since then he has learnt with a variety of teachers on the Isle of Wight and in Bury.

He currently studying meteorology at Reading University but this does not prevent him from being a member of several orchestras and smaller ensembles in the region.

Of special interest to him is the Redlands String Quartet which has recently been taken on by a Reading based entertainments agency. In the past he has played in many venues including the Waterfront and Bridgewater Halls in Belfast and Manchester respectively as well as in Prague.